The success of an expatriate depends on the integration. While speaking the local language is undoubtfully helpful, the understanding of the cultural codes is nonetheless indispensable.


We provide cross-cultural training sessions for expatriate employees.

  • Living and working in France

  • Managing a cross-cultural team

The spouse’s adjustment is one of the key to making any international assignment a successful one for the entire family. That is why we also offer training for them. Our programs are especially made to enable spouses and families to face their daily challenges and to quickly feel at home in their new country.

  • The essentials of French culture

During this session spouses and partners can exchange about their experience. It also allows us to bring them support and replies to their concerns and questions.

Although the classes are usually taught in English and Spanish, do not hesitate to let us know your needs in any other foreign language.

Training in French foreign language are provided to employees and their families according to their level and their busy schedules.

This half-day training provides the essential bases for you to get to know your rights and duties while living in France