W'elleCome offers a support for the management of the international mobility of executives of company arriving from abroad. Because a change of place of work and place of residence is an exciting experience and destabilizing at a time, we put every effort so that this change is experienced as an enrichment for all members of the family.

Search housing is an activity that requires a lot of prospecting upstream of visits on the ground and above all a good knowledge of the environment. To prevent inpatriates from many often unsuccessful visits, we carry a selection of properties on the basis of the criteria with the employee and his family. All this taking into account the characteristics of the market and the budgetary constraints of the company and the employee.

We implement the organisation of visits and last step, we will accompany you for the efforts related to the entry in the housing: signatures of the lease or the Act of purchase, formalities for opening of contracts for gas, electricity, internet, telephone, insurance.

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