We help you feel at home

W’elleCome provides international corporate relocation services offering a whole-family approach.

Personal approach: dealing with one person during the whole process to make the move a success. One person getting to know the employee and his family to understand exactly what they want to achieve. One person helping your company maximize your relocation investment, while controlling costs.

Entrusted and long-term collaboration: we make sure your employees are standing on their feet before letting them enjoy their new life. We are likewise committed to establishing a real partnership between us and your company.

Competitive costs: cost is a factor in any move yet our services are priced to deliver affordable solutions. We focus on property costs; our aim is to find the right property, in the right place, at the right price.

Family centered: Having invested in the transfer of the foreign employee, equal attention should be devoted to an effort to retain the expats. This is why we consider the integration of the whole family with great care and have built our services to create a meaningful experience of life in France.