The cost of expatriate failure can be overwhelming. That is why we take care of the people you have invested in. Together with you, by giving your foreign employees a good start in France we create the best possible foundation for a successful stay.

Using a specialist will allow you to save time and money and put the odds on your side for the success of the expatriate.

Cost saving: letting us do the home search will considerably reduce all expenses prior to the relocation (field trips, hotel fees and restaurant).

Time saving: you certainly prefer your new employee to focus on work rather than worrying about the details of the relocation. As we do all the home research and take care of the administrative work we enable your employee to take as little time off work as possible.Your human resources manpower stay focused on their missions as they do not have to dedicate their time to the relocation process.

Success: accompanying your employee and his family shows how much you value them. And we all know that valued employees are more productive. In addition providing a global assistance reduces the risk for expatriate assignment failure.