Additional services

Local network

Whether you have work to be done in your apartment, or need to find a sport club for your children, or consult a health specialist, our agency can recommend you reliable professionals (English or Spanish speakers) who will provide you with the best advice and services in order to meet your expectations.

Real estate acquisition

At a stage of your life in France you might be willing to invest in our country. We have partnerships with professionals who will help you achieve your real-estate investment projects.

Finding an occupation in France

As an expat spouse you might find it difficult especially when you had an established career in your home country. The language barrier and the working culture which can be totally different might be an overwhelming challenge. We help you define your professional future in France according to your background and personal situation.

Visiting France

Our country has a rich historical and cultural heritage. Whether you enjoy staying in the countryside, discovering luxury places or immersing yourself in a guest-home, our tourism partners will be delighted to meet your travel expectations and allow you to live a unique experience.