I was born in Paris where I grew up. I graduated from the university of La Sorbonne with a Master Degree in Foreign Languages (Spanish/Portuguese) and a Master in International Management.

For 13 years I worked for multinational companies where I managed employees all over the world. A very challenging yet fulfilling experience. Wishing to ease the communication in this cross-cultural context I became passionate about the subject and organised cross-cultural trainings within my team.

Then I decided to found W’elleCome and assist both foreign employees and companies during the sensitive process of expat.

I lived in Netherlands so I know how challenging it can be to get settled in a new culture without any local network to support you.

That’s why I put all my heart and energy in supporting foreign employees and their families to settle in France.

I work together with a strong network of reliable partners, all speaking foreign languages and driven by the same desire to smooth the whole process of relocating and integrating in your new country.